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LeafProof is Contractor-Preferred & Easily-Maintained4SEMO recommends and installs LeafProof®, the only gutter protection product that fits existing gutters, can be cleaned from the ground, is not screwed into the roof or fascia and is securely installed under the first row of shingles. It's the only gutter protection system on the market today that has all these features. Plus, since its constructed from aluminum, squirrels and birds cannot chew or peck through nor can birds enter through the water channel because the opening is too small. Available in 12 different colors, LeafProof® will not only protect your gutters but also give your home's exterior a finished look.

How LeafProof® Works
Each section of LeafProof® is divided by a patented "S" bend that runs the length of the section. This allows the contractor to bend the section of LeafProof® that slides under the shinglesDiagram to match the roof's pitch which makes the section that covers the gutter relatively flat. When water flows from the roof and over the "S" bend, the bend causes the water to churn, which, along with the slope of the section covering the gutter, significantly reduces the speed of the water flow. Each section of LeafProof® completely covers the gutter to the gutter lip. When the water reaches the lip due to surface tension, the flow is reversed and enters the water channel, which drains into the gutter. Most debris will not follow this reversal or is blown off the roof by the wind when dry. Through proper installation, LeafProof® will handle the heaviest rainfall ever recorded in an hour in America (11 inches). Most other gutter systems will overflow between three- to four-inches per hour.

Before & After LeafProofLeafProof® has a pre-set water channel. This is very important as some gutter covers drain the water through a gap between the cover and front lip of the gutter. In many cases, the front lip of the gutter has been slightly bent or damaged through normal wear, causing the width and size of the gap to vary in size. This opening creates the potential for birds or debris to enter the gutter.

Easy Maintenance
Products placed on a home's exterior will require some maintenance. Windows & vinyl siding must be cleaned, exteriors have to be repainted, gutters have to be cleaned out. On rare occasions, the LeafProof® water channel may trap some debris which will be visible from the ground. This may be easily removed by using a hose with a high-pressure nozzle as you, the homeowner, stands on the ground — no ladder needed! The process takes far less times than it does to water a garden.

LeafProof Gutter Protection Installation
LeafProof® is custom-installed to fit the exact pitch of each customer's roof in four-foot sections. It slides under the first row of shingles and the front is securely attached to the gutter lip. Products that are nailed or screwed into the roof could cause serious roof damage as well as potentially void the roofing warranty. Further, the difference in the height of a gutter cover that fits under the second row instead of the first row of singles on a 5/12-pitch roof is approximately one and one-half inches. This height difference makes the gutter cover much more visible which detracts from the home's appearance. LeafProof®\s unique installation method ensures a secure fit plus a more finished look to the home's exterior.


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